The Registry

We are registered at, which conveniently groups all out registries together in one place. We have included items for our new home together (especially the kitchen!), donations to two of our favorite charities, and a contribution to our honeymoon fund. Most importantly we want everyone to make it to the wedding. Travel should be everyone’s main expense and any gifts are just icing on the cake! Also, be sure to check out the custom Wedding Dishes we registered for below!

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Our Wedding Dishes

We are having our place settings custom made by our dear friend and master-glazer, Naomi Mostkoff. We have ordered plates, bowls, tumblers, a few cookware dishes, and more, all in our own custom color scheme designed by Naomi herself. These are available for purchase via paypal or credit card through the buttons below. We are extremely happy to support our friend and most of all get the coolest place settings this side of the Mississippi!

Below is a list of the items we are receiving from Naomi and their costs. We would love to get 8 place settings so we can host big fun dinner parties at our home! Each place setting costs $95 and are broken down by item below. We would also love to have the other handy kitchen dishes listed below to make and serve the food!

Place Settings

(8) 12 inch dinner plate – $30 each
(8) 8 inch dinner plate – $20 each
(8) soup/cereal bowl – $20 each
(8) tumbler – $25 each

Other Kitchen Dishes

(1) large serving bowl – $60
(1) casserole dish – $85
(1) dutch oven – $95
(4) ramekins – $15 each

Use the buttons below to contribute to our Wedding Dishes fund, we appreciate any and all contributions!

David & Morgan | 2011

Thanks for all your love and support!