The Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Morgan Loves David

1. His inclination to tell and retell jokes, and his ability to make me laugh/cry almost every time.

2. An amazingly strong sense of self. He blames many a trait on his Spanish/Native American background (he is neither, but he says he gets the looking directly into one’s eyes from the Spaniard in him, and the oneness with the earth from his Native forefathers).

3. The birds in a nest breakfast he makes for me, he is a wonderful cook.

4. Extreme masculinity…you’ve all experienced it. You know, the beard, the beer, the grilling, the flannel etc etc etc.

5. When asked to pick a song in my car from my selection of thousands, he chooses Michael McDonald’s What A Fool Believes. Match made in heaven.

6. The Macaroni Incident.

7. The face down on the floor rock bottom moments that seem to rebound so quickly into happy moments. Mood swings…keep me on my toes.

8. His Big Brother Syndrome that has taught me to love spicy food (according to David, I’ve been “conditioned”) and despise snorkels (for anyone who doesn’t know what a snorkel is, it is when one puts his mouth over your nose and blows until the air is forced through your mouth and there is a resulting “puhhh” sound. It’s a horrible feeling and I hope you never have to experience it).

9. His equally matched stubbornness.

10. His yearning to leave a legacy, to be a great man, husband, father, Christian, and human inhabitant.

Top Ten Reasons David Loves Morgan

1. She’s travel-sized

2. She is the ever-gullible middle child.

3. Easily the most compassionate person I have encountered, thus affecting me and making myself more compassionate.

4. Unbelievably stylish – in all senses of the word.

5. Great sense of humor, constantly surprising/outwitting/embarrassing me in hilarious fashion to keep me humble. She is always a sporting prankster.

6. Her timeless beauty. She seems to only get more attractive with age while I get more stressed and decrepit looking.

7. She has a fearless, competitive edge. She pushes everyone to become better through encouragement and love. Without her influence, I would not have started a company at all let alone with anyone else!

8. That giggle…

9. Her big, beautiful, honest eyes. No wonder she has a hard time feeling guilty and telling fibs, her eyes would give her away every time!

10. After 3.5 years together, I still get a pit in my stomach when she is gone and a smile on my face when I think about everything we have to look forward to!


  1. After reading this you both just passed the rear view mirror test…again.

  2. what the heck you guys i’m about to cry

    morgan’s #6. favorite story of all time.

  3. You guys are so cute I could just cry…. or barf! A. Dorable.

  4. THIS IS AMAZING! well done kiddds!

David & Morgan | 2011

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