The Story of Us

For anyone who is interested in reading our story, we have quite the history. Our lives first intersected when we were both students at Maitland Middle School (go Hawks!) back in 1999. David was in 8th grade— a cute, skinny boy with a great smile and Morgan in 7th— a naive ex-home schooler still wearing Gap Kids.

7th/8th Grade School Pictures

We moved on to be Wildcats at Winter Park High School and both entered the IB Program. Although we didn’t hang out too much, we both knew who the other was and were smitten from afar. Morgan always had class with Michael, David’s sweet, quiet, musical brother who didn’t much resemble him in noise level, but was a longtime classmate and friend of hers. She also ran into his other sweet, younger brother Andrew on campus once in a while, and wondered what their parents did to raise such lovely teenage boys.

The Dreads That Lasted A Day

In 11th grade, David was jealous of Morgan’s dreadlocks and asked her to do his hair for him (also the start of Morgan’s hair styling “career”) in exchange for dinner. She accepted the challenge, of course, hoping he would honor his promise of a date. Although his mother bribed him to take out the dreads for a family reunion, he kept his promise of payment. That was the night Morgan’s father fell in love.

David pulled up in a volvo (with a carseat in the back) and slyly mentioned he had just dropped his brother off at youth group…instant brownie points. Morgan’s parents were sold. From then on, David was referred to in Morgan’s household as #1, as in #1 boy on the “Men Morgan Should Marry List”.

David took Morgan on a date to Royal Thai, a little restaurant in the K-Mart shopping center off of 17-92. She got soup (as he will never let her forget), and it was wonderful. They then went over to a supermarket in the Vietnamese district called Dong A Imports, so that David could get himself some Sriracha sauce. After an incredible evening of soup and sriracha, he got her home on time. Ergo, our first date.

In 2004, David went off to college at the University of Florida and in 2005 Morgan followed. As freshmen, Morgan and her roommate Sara would take the bus to David’s house and he would make them vegetarian (against his will, but for Morgan) spaghetti and pad thai. David entered the graphic design program in 2006, and Morgan soon followed in 2007. Anyone noticing a trend here?

Tim's Birthday Beach Trip (L-R: Zak, Tim, Alexis, David)

OK, onto the deciding moment (for Morgan, at least). During the summer of 2007, Morgan and David went to St. Petersburg beach to celebrate their dear friend Tim’s birthday. After spending time with David during the trip, Morgan knew she had to have him. She went home and told her friends Sara, Ariella and Ashley, who then encouraged her to make a move. After some sleepless nights and a knotty stomach, she decided it was now or never. One night, after hanging out at his house, he walked her out, as any gentleman would. She nervously said, but nonetheless SHE said, she had a crush on him and it had been that way for a while. Like a 7 year while. She told him he didn’t need to respond right away, that he could let it sink in, but that she just needed to let it out. He responded by telling her “I just need a little time,” which Morgan mistook for “I just need a little tongue,” and henceforth reacted by reprimanding David for his forward speech. An awkward moment followed, which has come to be known as endearing, but in that moment was end-of-the-world material for a very nervous girl.

Knowing that he had some things to take care of, Morgan waited patiently and then began the biggest thing in both of their lives— each other.

David & Morgan | 2011

Thanks for all your love and support!