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In lieu of recent incidents, I felt a blog post coming on…so here it is.

I had my first big snag in the planning process the other day. I got some news that the dresses I had my heart set on for the bridesmaids that were being made custom by a seamstress were not going to come into fruition. Or at least not from that seamstress anyways. After finally finding someone who could make the dresses with the fabrics of my choice for an affordable price, and going through organizing the payments and measurements of all the bridesmaids, I thought I was all set. But when a month went by and I didn’t hear from the seamstress, I started to get a little nervous. Come to find out, she was sick. And she wasn’t sure if she was going to be better anytime soon. She backed out of the dressmaking deal. I had a very brief moment of anxiety and disappointment, followed by a rush of peace brought on by my wonderfully supportive friends and family. It also happened to be the night I went to New Hope for Kids, the place I volunteer at every other week.

How many ways can I be slapped in the face. No no, in a good way, not a kick-me-when-I’m-down kind of way. I have my groom-to-be telling me that everything will be great, and that he’s happy with whatever Plan B or C or D is, as long as I’m happy. Love that boy. I’ve got my Mom running over to Sewing Studio and gathering up business cards for me so I could get in contact with new seamstresses in town. Wonderwoman. Then there’s my sweet, fashionable Sara Watson, who tirelessly roams the depths of online shopping looking for new options. You vogue angel, you. And on top of all of this, I get to hang out with a bunch of really awesome kids going through a really tough time in their lives. Life ain’t bad.

I do have to shout out to Merrill for her “go around the table” -isms…since she prompted me to think up a word for the year, one that I can strive for and use as a guide to help me have a wonderfull 2011. That word started out as “calm,” then turned into “peace.” I had to gauge Merrill’s reaction when I announced my word, and frankly it wasn’t too enthusiastic (I don’t think I ever told you this, but here you are). I then realized that “calm” was kind of a subpar word for what I really meant. Kind of like how the word “happy” doesn’t quite capture the same essence as does the word “joy.” So, peace. Peace for 2011. Peace through wedding planning. Peace on earth (for all the pageant queens out there). Peace.

Although it wasn’t a major snag (it felt more like a practice snag), it’s all good. I’m at peace, because the people I surround myself with aren’t too concerned with what dress the girls will be wearing or how decadent the food is at the wedding (although you know how we like to eat, get ready…), but rather how I’m doing and how they can help. I love our friends and family, we truly have the best on the planet.

So, I’ve got some new things happening with the bridesmaid situation, and its looking quite good actually. Being positive really makes everything so much easier, and takes a lot of the pressure off. The bottom line is, if you make it about the little things, that’s what its going to be about. For you, anyways. It will consume you when you’re trying to go to sleep and haunt your dreams until you wake up and stress about it for another day. But for me, and for David, this whole thing is about us, how we fit into your lives, and how you fit into ours. And to tell you the truth, you fit into ours like a perfectly-fitted handmade bridesmaid dress.


  1. Beautifully stated. I’m so glad to be your friend, let me know if I can help.
    Love you both :)

  2. I love a good blog…. May you both find Peace within you and around you these next 93 days (and counting) and for many more together, for it really is about the two of you and the life that is ahead. Peace Love and JOY to you both. Oh, and I think Peace is a great One Word. You choose well beautiful girl, as always!

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