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No great wedding is complete without some serious dancing. Which is why I want to give you all the opportunity to put your song requests in now so that we can load it up in DJ iPod’s database (ok, so we don’t really have a DJ). On the flip side, there is always that handful of go-to wedding tunes that just rub me the wrong way. Like YMCA, it’s just not my jam. So if there are any tunes that you would rather NOT hear, you can give me those too. I’m not guaranteeing that we won’t play some of those songs, because I am a sucker for the Twist, and we may just HAVE to shout. But I do want to know what you think will make even my dance-fearing little brother Nick get off his rear end and cut a rug. Thanks!


  1. Lady Katie

    Play some JOURNEY! Nothing like old white people dancing at a wedding woohoo!

  2. For song selections, see Wac’s iPod…songs #1 through #6,042…whatever you want. Gap Band, Rick James (Give it to me, baby),Dazz Band, Commodores, Jackson 5, Kool and the Gang, basically lots of Old School. Now Katie, THIS will get old white people dancing!

  3. Pieter van Zyl

    Might I suggest “Bounce” by System of a Down. Will only work if everyone shows up with a pogo stick…

  4. Can I request some booty music?!?!? Maybe donkey butt, Low, definitely some Kanye…..pretty please :)

  5. How about Nickle Creek, Glen Miller, Shot gun party, Nat King Cole, James Taylor, Al Green, The Carpenters…oh wait that is Morgans and my fav, Dean Martin, Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, John Legend, Louis Armstrong, Marvin Gaye….I love all your music so if there is a bit of Michael Andrew and John thrown in with your favorites we will all be happy and dancing all night long…can’t wait!

  6. Jena Lalich

    Dean Martin- “sway”
    i love merrills choices! :)

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