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The first question most people ask when they see me is…

“Hows the planning going?”

…or some form of that. And because I’ve pretty much been telling everyone the same thing, I thought I would just go ahead and blog about it so everyone can read/see how its going. The short answer to that question is:


The long answer to that question is this:

I am not in the least bit stressed. I made a decision early that I wouldn’t let what anyone else does or says make me feel like I am behind on planning or doing something wrong. There is absolutely no right way to plan a wedding, and as our dear friend and “nother” Dawn reminds us, its about us. So- with that in the back of my mind, I have been consistent in nailing down the big stuff, like the venue, photographer (see Anna’s website here), caterer, music (thank you, soon-to-be-brother-in-law Michael!), officiant (yay Bob!!!), Save the Date, travel plans and the big picture for the ceremony. Also, one of the things I am most excited/relieved about, what the bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear! We found a wonderful seamstress named Rebecca on Etsy (see her shop here), and she will be making custom bridesmaid dresses and bowties/pocket squares for the dudes. I’m so excited!

The one publication that has been key in keeping wedding planning simple but answering major questions is Real Simple’s 2011 Wedding Guide. Its only $14, and its an amazing resource for any bride. Visit the website here, or order the magazine here (mine came with a free subscription to Real Simple for a year!).

Now, its down to the nitty gritty- the details. Since I also decided early on I wanted to do as much DIY as possible, I’ve been a little nervous about what I’m taking on here. But- I do have the best friends and family in the world, and have had a lot of offers from several sweet little elves to help in any way they can (be careful what you wish for!). Next we will be tackling the following: flowers, ceremony details, table settings, reception decor, invitations, and all of the little details that go into making the day unique and special. My cousin Madison and I have been gathering together a LOT of inspiration from wedding blogs and websites like 100 Layer Cake, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, and of course- the one and only- Martha Stewart. We’ve put together a nice compilation of images that help us get a good grasp of what we want the wedding to feel like, so now we must DO!

Below is an image of the fabrics we will be using for the bridal party, and some images of what we want the wedding to feel like. Enjoy!


  1. Michelle aka Audrey Schellhammer

    My Dear Morgan,

    Kyla and I were sitting in Panara on Park Ave. last night sharing some mother/daughter time and your name just HAPPENED to come up. She told me the wonderful news and I immediately looked up your website on my Blackberry. The small screen didn’t do your beautiful event justice, so I am now browsing through your content on my computer. Everything looks and sounds SO YOU!!!

    I wish you and David a joyfilled life togehter!

    Much Love,

    PS Do you think there is a Girl Scout badge that could be earned for planning your wedding? Ha-Ha! THOSE were the DAYS, weren’t they! MISS YOU!

  2. Morgan, I love the fabric for the wedding party. Your wedding is going to be spectacular. I think I am almost as excited as you are with anticipation. September 30 cannot happen soon enough. Savor every moment along the way.

    Many hugs,

  3. Jacqueline TACY

    Visiting your website makes me even more excited about your wedding… and TRUST ME – “It’s about YOU. Do what YOU want to do!” You meaning you & the hubs, of course <3

  4. As I am browsing through your website my first thoughts are…………No words can express how amazing, precious and sweet it is. YOu both are so sweet!! You both are in my prayers for an everlasting love for each other. May God bless you both forever!

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