Story of the Save the Date

As most of you have no doubt seen, we got a little carried away with our save-the-date. We called in favors from all over. Our awesome client and bang-up photographer Stephen Allen took and edited the most incredible photos, and our number one print rep Kathy helped us out on the production side making sure the piece blew people away once it was on paper. We would like to thank both of them so much for their cooperation on this ridiculous endeavor. As Steve reminded us numerous times:

This is just sick…

We know he meant in a grotesque way not an extreme sports “Sick Bro!” kind of way. We hope you all got a good hearty chuckle from this beast, we poured our cowboy-and-indian hearts into it. Here is a sneak peek at some of the process and a few outtakes.

Just ’cause we love you!

– D+M

Well you have made it this far down so now you can download a pdf of the final save-the-date layout. Click the image below. Enjoy!


  1. Still sick. I love you crazy kids.

  2. where did u get the costume moe??

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