Gettin’ Hitched

Yay yahooooooo! We’re getting married!!! Let the planning begin…
So after letting ourselves rest a bit over the holidays and just enjoy being engaged, we had to decide when and where we were going to do this thing. Although we highly considered having our wedding in Central Florida where most of our friends and family reside, we just couldn’t NOT have the wedding in one of our very favorite places— the mountains. Because we love the fall weather, we decided on the September/October range, and then the hunt began.

I have found that the best way to see a venue is to look at other people’s weddings AT the venue. Most of the venue websites I was looking at had really awful photos of the place, and most of them did not show you what a wedding would look like there. So I started to search “Wedding photographer Banner Elk,” and voila! The search results came up with any and all wedding photographers who have blogged about or used those keywords in their portfolio sites. This is also a great way to find a photographer that has had experience with the space before, but thats a whole different ballgame. I’ll be blogging about that later.

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